Ripe Form Generator

Ripe Form for Multiple IP Addresses

IP Block Requests

IP Blocks may be allocated to customers, free of charge, provided they have an appropriate account type and are prepared to justify their IP usage and that their requirement cannot be met using a single IP with network address translation and port forwarding -Further guidance on this is provided below.

IPs will be alocated on a need only basis, with the smallest IP block possible being assigned based on the customers request and requirements. We do not provide support to customers on configuring their IP address ranges.

The following ADSL account types are elegible for an IP block (ie more than one IP):

  • ADSL Home Premier - All Speeds, Bandwidth Options and Old account equivelents, excluding ADSL Home Surf.
  • All Business and HomeWorker accounts, excluding Biz Surf.
  • Leased Line / Co-Locate Customers

The following accounts CANNOT be allocated an IP block:

  • DSL Connect
  • All FRIACO accounts
  • All PAYG accounts
  • All Broadband Plus acccounts

IP Block sizes of 4, 8 or 16 IP addresses can be allocated, provided that supporting documentation is provided and the requirement cannot be met using NAT, Port Forwarding or Virtual hosting configurations.

For 8 or 16 IP address blocks you must complete a Ripe form. Below is a step by step wizard to complete the RIPE form. If you wish to see a fuller example of a RIPE Form, you can download one from here

To begin completing the RIPE form, complete the following form.

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