Exchange Status Checker

Results: Lower Holloway

County: London - Greater
Enabled: 11 Oct 1999
Market: 3
Mkt2014: B
Max DSL Upgrade Status
Status: Green
Good News, BT have finished enabling this exchange for Max DSL products.
Products became available from 31/03/06.

BT are in the process of upgrading the majority of telephone exchanges around the UK to support speeds of up to 8Mbit/s. This is known as Max DSL.

Many of the exchanges are red and amber at the moment due to the fact that until the main roll out is well underway BT will not finalise the dates as they want to ensure that any unforeseen issues will not affect dates. We will publish the updated info when and as we get it. The roll out is still fully committed to, as previously commented upon, and the info will be with you as soon as possible.

Please note: This checker is not a generic fault tracker. Updates are made as often and as quickly as information becomes available. We display only the information available in the public domain and can't account for its accuracy.

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Mkt2014 is the new market classification proposed in the Ofcom consultation paper Review of the wholesale broadband access markets published on 11/07/2013. This is given here for information only; there is no guarantee that Ofcom will adopt these classifications at the end of the consultation, and they might change any assigned values. Also how Plusnet will use them is to be announced.