About Us

The PlusNet UserTools site is run by a team of users from each of the main vISPs (Free-Online, Force9 and PlusNet) with support from the Communications Team and Networking staff.
Note: PlusNet Support can not provide any support for the tools offered on this website. Questions regarding these tools should be sent to the Author using the Contact the Author link on the appropriate tool.

Who is involved?

The majority of the tools provided on this site were developed and maintained by Philip "acarr" Richardson, and Colin "csogilvie" Ogilvie, in direct communication with members of the PlusNet Usergroup and the PlusNet staff.

The contents of the Tutorials that were listed on this site became oudated and have been removed in favour of the newer data available in the Community library.

A number of PlusNet staff, particularly the "Communications" Team are also involved in the site, providing ideas for tools and tutorials.