Welcome to the PlusNet usersite

One of the great strengths of PlusNet is the open, honest and creative approach to support and customer service. Resulting from this, a group of active PlusNet customers, along with users from the sister vISPs Free-Online and Force9 have come together to produce this site.

With time, dedication and most of all the desire to help others get the most from PlusNet, our goal is to provide a valuable resource which collects the contributions of many customers. Here, we collate some of the best such customer created projects, many of which were produced in conjunction with the active discussion forum members from each vISP.

The team hope you enjoy the information provided here and that you too would like to contribute.

Thursday 15th April 2010 - Product Comparison Tool Update

We updated the Product Comparison Tool to include the newly-introduced Plusnet Extra product and to provide more comprehensive product information. A link on the top menu strip has been added throughout the site to make the tool easier to find.

Monday 22nd February 2010 - Update to the Gateway Checker

We have now updated the @Gateway code to be more informative when a newly introduced Gateway cannot be correctly identified.

Saturday 05th April 2008 - WBC RFS Information added to exchange checker.

PlusNet have now updated the Exchange Checker with the latest information relating to the WBC RFS dates.

Friday 03rd February 2006 - DSL Max Information added to exchange checker.

PlusNet have been provided with information relating to enabling DSL Max on the majority of telephone exchanges, and have given us permission to publish this within the exchange checker. If you type your details in to the Exchange Checker you will see a new option about DSL Max at the bottom of the results list.